Ten Years Gone

Then, as it was, then again it will be
And though the course may change sometimes
Rivers always reach the sea
Behind skies of fortune, each has gentle rain
On the wings of maybe, downy birds of prey
Kind of makes me feel sometimes, didnt have to go
But as the eagle leaves the nest, it’s got so far to go

Changes fill my time, baby, thats alright with me
In the midst I think of you, and how it used to be

Did you ever really need somebody, and really need em bad
Did you ever really want somebody, the best something you ever had
Do you ever remember me, baby, did it feel so good
Cause it was just the first time, and you knew you would

Dewy eyes now sparkle, senses grown keen
Taste your love along the way, see your feathers preen
Kind of makes me feel sometimes, didnt have to go
We are eagles of a nest, the nest is in our soul

Vixen in my dreams, with great surprise to me
Never thought Id see your face the way it used to be
Oh darlin, oh darlin

Im never gonna leave you. I never gonna leave
Holdin on, ten years gone
Ten years gone, holdin on, ten years gone…


~ by chikamaru777 on 27 September, 2010.

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