A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers [pt. VI-VIII]

vi. (Custard’s) Last Stand
Lighthouses might house the key
but can I reach the door?
I want to walk on the sea
so that I may better find a shore…
but how can I ever keep my feet dry?
I scan the horizon
I must keep my eyes on all parts of me.
Looking back on the years
it seems that I have lost
my way:
Like a dog in the night, I have run to a manger
…now I am the stranger I stay in.
All of the grief I have seen
leaves me chasing solitary peace;
but I hold experience in my head….
I’m too close to the light
I don’t think I see right, for I blind me….
vii. The Clot Thickens
WHERE is the God that guides my hand?
HOW can the hands of others reach me?
WHEN will I find what I grope for?
WHO is going to teach me?
I am me/me are we/we can’t see
any way out of here.
Crashing sea/atrophied history:
Chance has lost my Guinevere….
I don’t want to be one wave in the water
But sea will drag me deep
One more haggard DROWNED MAN…
I can see the Lemmings coming, but I know I’m just a man;
Do I join or do I founder? Which can is the best I may?
viii. Land’s End (Sineline)/We Go Now

Oceans drifting sideways, I am pulled into the spell;
I feel you around me…I know you well.
Stars slice horizons where the lines stand much too stark;
I feel I am drowning…hands stretch in the dark.
Camps of panoply and majesty, what is Freedom of Choice?
Where do I stand in the pageantry…whose is my voice?
It doesn’t feel so very bad now: I think the end is the start.
Begin to feel very glad now:


~ by chikamaru777 on 17 July, 2008.

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