A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers [pt. I-IV]

i. Eyewitness

Still waiting for my saviour, storms tear me limb from limb
my fingers feel like seaweed, I’m so far out I’m too far in
I am a lonely man / my solitude is true
my eyes have borne stark witness and now my nights are
numbered too:

I’ve seen the smiles on dead hands
the stars shine but they’re not for me

I prophesy disaster and then I count the cost
I shine, but shining, dying, I know that I am almost lost
On the table lies blank paper / and my tower is built on stone /
I only have blunt scissors / I only have the bluntest home.
I’ve been the witness, and the seal of death
lingers in the molten wax that is my head

When you see the skeletons of sailing-ship spars sinking low
You’ll begin to wonder if the points of all the ancients myths
are solemnly directed straight at you.

ii. Pictures/Lighthouse

iii. Eyewitness

No time now for contrition; the time for that’s long past
The walls are thin as tissue and if I talk I’ll crack the glass
So I only think on how it might have been
locked in silent monologue, in silent scream.

I’m much too tired to speak
and as the waves crash on the bleak
stones of the tower I start to freak
…and find that I am overcome…

iv. S.H.M.

ghost helmsmen scream
and fall in through the sky,
Not breaking, through my seagull shrieks:
no breaks until I die.
The spectres scratch on window-slits
hollowed faces, and mindless grins
only intent on destroying what they’ve lost.

I crawl the wall till steepness ends
in the vertical fall;
My pain has sailed into the sea –
no joking hopes at dawn!
White bone shine in the iron-jaw mask
Lost mastheads pierce the freezing dark
and parallel my isolated tower…
no paraffin for the flame –
no harbour left to gain.


~ by chikamaru777 on 11 July, 2008.

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